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While the romanticism of the winter draws many of us to the temporary ice rinks in cities across the UK, it’s easy to forget that there are 25 permanent ice rinks open to us throughout the year.

Ice skating is enjoyed by many all year around and offers considerable health benefits.

So why not get involved?

“It’s for everyone”:

The only barriers that exist are those around the rink. Age is not one of them.

At 32, I am among the youngest in our group of 6 figure skaters.

So it is never too late for you to begin.

“Improved muscle tone, balance and coordination”

During your sessions at the rink, you will naturally engage your abdominal and lower back muscles to maintain your balance as you skate.

A uniformly toned body is not a bad result.

“Improved Social wellbeing”

After a long day at work, why not unwind and broaden your social circle whilst keeping fit on the rink.

As you set personal goals to improve your skating proficiency, in a relaxed environment, your self-confidence will increase too.

“Improved cardiovascular health”

Ice skating is a low impact sport.

Weekly sessions at the rink, will exercise your heart muscle to improve circulation. This will allow Oxygen to be delivered around your body more efficiently.

I have to admit, that climbing up and down those stairs has certainly been a bit easier.

‘Skate UK’

The national learn to skate programme, Skate UK, is the route to take if you want to join the pros.

For an average of £70 for an 8 week course (£8.75 per week to relax and socialise after work), you can begin group lessons at any of the UK ice rinks listed on my “UK ice rinks” tab.

To whet your appetite and to stay motivated, visit the Lee Valley Skating Club website:


Just bear in mind that they all started somewhere.

So get your skates on (or hire them) at a rink near you, to keep happy and healthy all year round.