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Here are 5 motivational tips to help you stay on course to achieving Skate UK Level 10 stardom.

Finish Line

Picture: http://slowisthenewfast.com

1. Remember why you wanted to skate in the first place and create short-term goals.

Why give up at the first hurdle?

2. Group lessons are fantastic for sharing your ideas or concerns with fellow skaters.


A problem shared is a problem halved.

3. For inspiration, watch some ‘theatre on ice’ produced by your local ice skating club.

Ally Pally Christmas show - 'Little Mermaid'

‘The Little Mermaid On Ice’ – Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, London.

Picture: Alexandra Palace’s Facebook page.

Just remember that they all started where you are now.

The figure skaters featured in the photograph above are members of Alexandra Palace Skating Academy, who are involved in producing the Christmas ice show at Alexandra Palace Ice rink.

They have achieved the minimum requirement of Skate UK Level 10.

4. Once you have achieved Skate UK Level 8, you can join a Synchronised Skating Club.

Team Phoenix

Lee Valley Synchronised Skating Club – Team Phoenix

Picture: Ice Skating Lessons by Chrissie Richards

Synchronised skating is especially popular with adult figure skaters. I shall discuss this skating discipline in greater detail in a future post.

There are a number of Synchronised Skating Clubs across the UK.

I have listed a few of them below:

  • Aberdeen Synchronised Skating Club, Scotland.

Website: Aberdeen Synchronised Skating Club

  • Altrincham Synchro Team, Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Website: Altrinhcham Synchronised Skating Team

  • Basingstoke Synchronised Skating Club, Hampshire.

Website: Basingstoke Synchronised Skating Club

  • Lee Valley Synchronised Skating Club.

Website: Lee Valley Synchronised Skating Club

Team Orion

 Lee Valley Synchronised Skating Club – Team Orion

 Picture: Ice skating lessons by Chrissie Richards.

  • Slough Synchro Skating Club, Berkshire

Website: Slough Synchro Team

“Ice Hockey”

If you are a fan of hockey, then why not try ice hockey?

Haringey Racers

‘Haringey Racers’ Ice Hockey Team, practise at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, Haringey, North London.

Picture: Haringey Racers Ice Hockey Team, Alexandra Palace, North London

The minimum requirement to join an ice hockey team is Skate UK Level 6.

There are a number of established ice hockey clubs in the UK. Again, I shall discuss this skating discipline in greater detail, in a future post.

I have listed a few Ice Hockey Clubs below:

  • Guildford Flames, Guildford Spectrum, Surrey.

Website: Guildford Flames Ice Hockey Team

  • Haringey Racers, Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, Haringey, North London.

     Website: Haringey Racers Ice Hockey Team

  • Nottingham Lions, Nottingham Ice Centre, Nottingham.

     Website:  Nottingham Lions Ice Hockey Team

  • Oxford City Stars, Oxford Ice Rink, Oxford.

Website: Oxford City Ice Hockey Team

  • Slough Jets, Slough Ice Rink, Berkshire.

Website: Slough Jets Ice Hockey Team

5. If you love travelling, then joining an ice skating club offers opportunities to break the ice, so to speak, by forging new friendships throughout the UK and abroad.

So don’t give up now, your adventures have just begun.

“Please share”

Whether you are a novice like me or you are a seasoned skater, I would love to hear  about what made you want to skate and what has kept you motivated.